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As for Caye Caulker's restaurants, the vegetarian lunches are as endless as the outdoor activities. From twitching chicken grilled by the sun on the beach - kissed chefs to dishes with fresh catch during the day - eating meat can be served in one of the island's most popular restaurants.

The small but varied menu offers you the opportunity to choose between grilled fish, conch doughnuts and a variety of meatless options. For lunch, you have a wide selection, including chicken, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and pork ribs, to name a few.

Find out what people like and try it out for yourself by seeing if it's one of the best restaurants in Belize or even the world.

For a real Belgian culinary experience, try the fresh coconut milk harvested from their own tree, delicious smoked chicken with fried plantain or try their typical ceviche with fresh coconuts, fresh mango and fresh coriander, freshly harvested from coconut milk. The presentation and even fresh salads and paninis are better than what you usually find in Belizing. Bebe with outdoor seating overlooking the park and watch the waves of the water and the people while enjoying some of the best food on the island. I love the shrimp version, but if you miss Nahil Mayab, this is the best ceviche in Belize!

Located in the Sahara Grill, opposite Biltmore Hotel, this Mediterranean restaurant offers cabbage, kofta, falafel and hummus. Choose from their Mexican or Caribbean menu and if you do, don't miss the margaritas!

Guava Limb Cafe was rated on TripAdvisor as the best restaurant in San Ignacio, and I was also named the best restaurant. Although there are a few other restaurants on Maya Beach, this is by far the "best" of the three. If you want to know what you're getting into, here's a list of some of my favorite restaurants in Belize City and the Cayman Islands. The three restaurants I notice here are Guava, Biltmore Hotel and SanIgnacio Restaurant & Bar, both in the same building.

With over 1,600 reviews, including some of my own, everyone loves the menu, the food, the bartender and the ocean view. It is hard to understand why they have retained their reputation as one of the best restaurants in Belize City and the Cayman Islands.

The relaxed atmosphere of the food, the friendly staff and the relaxed atmosphere make this restaurant one of my favorite restaurants in Belize City and the Cayman Islands. It is a great place to stay up to date with the latest news and events in the most visited village in Belizing.

If you plan to visit Hopkins during your Belize vacation, you can check with one of our travel specialists for suggestions on the best accommodations. For more information about Hopkins and the other restaurants, visit Have Fun Belizing. This is a great place to explore the area that includes the city of Hopkins, the Cayman Islands and other parts of the Caribbean.

Let us help you limit your options so you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in San Ignacio, Belize. There are a number of restaurants in Hopkins City, as well as other parts of Belizing, so try them all!

Celebrated as the king of breakfast in Belize, this pop-up restaurant is perhaps one of the most popular and must-visit. Founded by Elvia Staines (after whom it was named), the restaurant is the only one in town with a full service breakfast menu. Chef Rob is considered one of the best chefs in the country and his restaurant El Viento is considered one of the best restaurants in Belization. Rob, a chef from the Netherlands, worked in New York City before moving to the Caribbean and then Belize in 1999.

The pop-up restaurant El Viento in Belize, which opened in Belize in the last two years, is a popular destination.

This is an advantage, because Belize has a reputation for having a great food and drink scene and a strong sense of always behaving properly even in the most dangerous times.

Everyone at the table enjoyed the pizza and we ate a really good meal with our friends, and all our reviews for food and drink were 5 stars, although we were still the new kid on the block. Easy to find in Belize, there is also decent wine if you are not willing to pay for an arm and a leg. I plan to return for a new year and have really good meals with my friends.

Where the reef meets the rainforest of the Placencia Peninsula and offers a great view of Belize City and the not-so-secret beach bar for pirate activity. It is open all day from 10 am until sunset and accepts Mastercard and Visa. Our in-house travel company is an easy place to organize a day trip to Belizing City during your stay.

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